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What Does Green Living Mean?

You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “I’m trying to live a greener life?”  Or maybe you’ve wondered to yourself, “What is this ‘Go Green’ Movement anyways?”.  Or maybe you’ve heard of living green and know what it means but you don’t know HOW to ‘Go Green’? 

Well, great news! This is essentially what the blog on is about.  Here, I will not only explain what green living is, but hopefully I will help others learn ways in which they can adapt a greener life.

The ‘Go Green’ Movement    

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No one really knows how the ‘Go Green’ movement really started, or who first coined the phrase, but the roots of living green have been around for centuries and has evolved into what it is today. 

So what is it? 

There are many definitions ‘out there’ as to what it means exactly, but the general consensus is that living green is a lifestyle characterized by making healthy choices, not just for oneself, but for the environment and for the future. It’s about creating balance between our needs and the needs of our environment in such a way that it decreases the negative impact we have on our environment. It’s about conservation and preservation, and using sustainable renewable resources.  It’s about recycling, reusing, and reducing wastes. 

Reusing, Recycling, Reducing
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But, did you know that it can also be about fashion and finances and building and technology and the food we eat?   

The cool thing is, adapting a green lifestyle may not necessarily look the same for everybody, but, everybody can make steps towards living a greener lifestyle. It’s not “all or nothing”.  It’s a learning and growing process. 

Nobody instantly converts to living a green lifestyle in one day. That would certainly be an overwhelming and unrealistic goal.  However, learning and adapting to a green lifestyle can definitely be achieved over time.  And this really is at the heart of what the Go Green movement is about and the focus of this blog. 

Why ‘Go Green’?

The truth is, every choice we make affects us and those around us. Every choice we make has positive and negative effects on us, our environment, the future of our planet and our future generations.  Those effects can build up over time and create various outcomes.  

It’s the outcomes that we have to take a closer look at.  What kind of outcomes do we want?  Why should I go green? What’s in it for me? or for my children? What’s in it for our communities? For society as a whole? 

We’re going to let you in on a not so-very-secret secret.  Some of the outcomes of NOT going green lead to some pretty serious negative consequences. For example, do you know what would happen if you used up all the worlds natural resources?  Do you know at what rate we ARE using up the worlds natural resources? 

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Do you understand the effect of losing a natural resource would have to the economy and the infrastructure of this world as we know it? (Think: a world with no oil?  A world with no water?  A world with no trees, keep in mind that trees/plants make the oxygen that the human race needs to survive?) Do you know what will happen when our water and air stays polluted? Do you know what will happen if we continue to pollute our water and our air at the rate we are without implementing solutions to fix these problems?  Do you know what happens when you consume chemicals and/or pesticides?  Do you know what will happen after we destroy the ozone layer? Do you understand the rate at which the ozone layer is being depleted? 

There are so many negative consequences of NOT going green, we would be writing for the rest of our lives if we tried to explain each and every consequence and how it ties into how it’s affecting us and our future. The point is, the effect of NOT going green is pretty scary to think about, and its reality is closer than most realize. 

On the other side of that, choosing to go green has a ton of benefits to us personally, to our children, to all our future generations, to our environment, etc. 

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Going green can help one live healthier.  Going green can improve our quality of lfe. Going green can help future generations. Going green can help future generations have a future to speak of.  Going green can help one manage their finances better. Going green can help us build more energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.  Going green can help us decrease overall wastes that are building up in landfills and oceans and polluting our environment.  (We could go on and on…)

Why isn’t everybody ‘Going Green’?

There are many reasons why everybody isn’t choosing to go green. And while it is true that some people just don’t care, I personally believe that most people DO care.  Most people DO want to live healthier lives.  Most people care about the effects of unhealthy practices on our bodies, our environment and on the health and survival of future generations.  A lot of people do genuinely care about our environment, and about the environment of the future.

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However, not everyone realizes HOW to go about making these healthier lifestyle changes. Some may even think it’s too expensive, or too inconvenient, or maybe they think it’s too difficult to understand how to implement the concepts.

The Truth About ‘Going Green’:

Hopefully this blog will help others see that green living doesn’t have to be this complex overwhelming process. The truth is, going green can be as radical or as slow transitioning as needed. Going green doesn’t have to be hard. And though going green CAN be expensive and inconvenient, it doesn’t have to be expensive or even inconvenient. 

The truth is, anybody can go green. 

The truth is, going green and living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t look the same for everybody. We are all different, with different temperaments, different life challenges, different priorities and values, different styles and rates of learning, different ideas of what is sustainable for each of us, etc.  

The important thing here to remember is, I’m not here to judge you nor anyone else.  There are many ways to reach a solution, therefore, it’s important to encourage and educate one another and not make others who are trying to live green feel as though what they’re doing isn’t adequate enough.

Every green choice is a step in the right direction

Because the truth is, every little ‘green’ choice is a step in the right direction. What’s important is that we are always learning and always striving to improve on our current understanding and knowledge of living green.  What’s important is that people learn how to live green in a way that ‘sticks’ for them. This is a reasonable and doable goal for each and every person who wants to attempt a green lifestyle.  

What I Hope

Stay tuned, because I hope to offer my readers simple steps, ideas, tips and tidbits of knowledge in an easy and understandable way. I hope to empower and inspire you to not be afraid to try something new and different.  Hopefully, anybody and everybody who is interested in going green can learn something new that could help them in making a lasting transition into adapting the green lifestyle.

You can do it! Start where you’re at. Take it one day at a time. Make simple easy green choices, then build on that.  Wishing you the best!

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  • Kegan

    Thanks for shedding some light on the Green issue. Like you say, it’s important for our existence and future to think about what we are doing and the impact it has because we will ultimately be the ones to pay for it. I think that’s where everyone needs to start – being thoughtful about our actions and the consequences of those actions. Keep up the great work!

    • Blakey

      I agree, if small steps is all one can manage, then take those small steps… anything in the right direction is better than not taking those steps

  • Paul

    Very interesting article and certainly I believe that there is a lot of awareness out there, recycling campaigns by local municipalities etc.. But generally I think many people are quite lazy and don’t make the effort to really think before acting. I hope sites like yours helps to spread the word and change the mindset.

    • Blakey

      Yes, I too have noticed more and more awareness, but still see a lot of unhealthy lifestyle practices… it’s kind of like the oxygen dependent smoker, no lifestyle changes will happen until we address the root of why we do what we do, which is different for each person… once each person personally figures that out, THEN, there needs to be personal motivation that inspires one to change… you’ve given me something to think about for future posts, thank you!

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