• Nuclear Energy: The Environmental Powerhouse of Today

    One of my great loves when talking about living green, is the use of renewable energy sourcs. There are three different major types of energy sources used in the world today: fossil fuel energy (like coal, oil, and natural gas–which aren’t renewable), what we traditionally call renewable  energy ( like wind, geothermal, hydropower, solar ), and nuclear energy.  No matter what type of energy source you use, there are important considerations to make when deciding to utilize it. So today I will discuss nuclear energy, how it’s created, advantages and disadvantages, and potential consequences of its use.  The Breakdown of Nuclear Energy  The Atom Before discussing the details of the…

  • What’s the Big Deal About Fossil Fuels?

    What are fossil fuels? Fossil Fuels are fuels such as oil shales, kerosene, petroleum, coal, tar sands, bitumens, natural gas, and heavy oils. The most common fossil fuels being oil, coal and natural gas. The world’s most commonly used source of energy today happens to be fossil fuels. But did you know that technically fossil fuels are a renewable source of energy? However, due to the fact that they take millions of years to form and are being burned up faster than they can replenish, they are considered non-renewable. Once they are depleted, it will take another million years to form more, and by that time, none of us will…

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