• Green Living: A Review of Energy Star Light Bulbs

    GOOD Product: Ecobulb Soft White Light Bulb by Feit Electric Type of Product: Energy Efficient Light Bulb Product Specifications: Price: 4 pk $13.99 8 pk $26.99 Guarantee:  None This product uses a whopping 78% less energy! My Rating: GOOD Product Overview: This Product is designed for all people who wish to decrease their energy use and pocket savings. I recommend this bulb for its savings in both areas. If you would like to purchase this bulb for your own home, click here. This bulb is a great money saver whether you purchase the 4 pk or the 8 pk. It is Energy Star certified, which means it has the official Environmental Protection…

  • Energy-Star Ratings and What They Mean

    Have you ever shopped for kitchen appliances and wondered what the energy-star rating means? Or shopped for a washer and dryer and wondered, how do I know which one of these to buy? Which one of these products is going to save me money down the line? Or which one of these products is the gentlest on our environment? I bet you have, I know I have. So, I researched it and found out, and over the years, I’ve found the Energy-Star label quite useful when trying to purchase different products I have needed for my home. These labels have helped me answer my questions and then some, so it…

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